62 gifts for under $1

Occasions requiring a gift are inconvenient at the best of times. Occasions requiring a gift when you’re Lehman Brothers broke is EXHAUSTING, and it’s tempting to go into lock down. ‘Holy Moses it’s TODAY? I thought your birthday wasn’t until I got a better-paid job, my mistake!’. Dark.

Panicking, your typical man will assume the low-budget present category is inextricably linked with the label ‘silly’ – it isn’t. The comedy gift you have in your head that you ‘know she will like, I know her better than you’ is crap – forget it now and save yourself the heartache.

Well, I’ve done some of the leg work on this one for you (and leg work it was, 150kg squats have nothing on this bad boy). Below are 62 ideas for presents that will set you back no more than $1 each including any shipping costs you might incur.

Yeah. You heard.

All I ask of you is, for God’s sake, don’t let me down on the wrapping paper. No one ACTUALLY cares what the gift is, they just want something attractive looking to put on their gift table – I advise you to play along. Even an expensive item wrapped poorly, or – shock horror! – not wrapped at all, looks cheap. DO NOT USE A PLASTIC BAG. Invest in a roll of wrap such as in the examples below and use sparingly on each gift; wrap a ribbon once around the circumference and you’re good to go.

Black and Gold

Black Gold Satin Ribbon $4.95


Skulls and Swords Wrap $6.95

Pink and Yellow

Pink Yellow Satin Ribbon $6.95

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever Wrap $6.25


Blush Satin Ribbon from $3.95

French Wrap

French Icons Wrap $5.25

For maximum cute points, wrap several of these gifts in tissue paper and present in a basket, all for under $10. Zero to Martha Stewart in one day.

Water Hyacinth Bins

Water Hyacinth Woven Basket $6.99

Union Jack Tin

Union Jack Box $6.99

Striped Tote

Striped Canvas Tote $5.99

Black Tote

Black Tote $5.99

You. Are. Welcome.

gifts for under $1

# click on the pictures for links to buy #


NYC Nail Polish

Long Wear Nail Polish $1

e.l.f. eyelashes

Dramatic Fake Eyelashes $1

WnW Lipstick

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick $0.89

e.l.f. eyeshadow

Brightening Eyeshadow Set $0.80

NYC Colour Eyeliner

Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Charcoal’ $1

Pink Pouf

Razz Exfoliating Puff Sponge $0.99

Andrea Body Spa Anti Stress

Andrea Anti-Stress Bath Soak $0.99

WnW Shine Nailpolish

Wet n Wild Shine Nail Polish $0.99

e.l.f. cover stick

Concealer $1

e.l.f. colour stick

All-Over Colour Stick $1

NYC Colour Pencil Sharpener

Dual Beauty Pencil Sharpener $1

e.l.f. hypershine gloss

Hypershine Gloss in ‘Bare’ $1

e.l.f. makeup brushes

e.l.f. Brush selection all $1

accessories & jewellery 

Pearl Ring

Pearl Lace Rose Ring $0.72 + free shipping

Leaf Brooch

Silver Crystal Leaf Brooch $0.90 + free shipping

Movie Keyring

Movie Themed Key Rings $0.99 + free shipping

Pearl earrings

Pearl Stud Earrings $0.90 + free shipping

Plastic Watches

Digital Sports Watch $0.88 + free shipping

Nautical Scarf

Nautical-themed Scarf $0.93 + free shipping

Gold ring

Crystal Knuckle Ring from $0.60 + free shipping


Lace Flower Hairband $0.93 + free shipping

Silver bracelet

Sterling Silver Woven Ring $0.99 + free shipping

for the home

Dog leads

Rainbow Dog Collar $0.43 + free shipping

Crown Coaster

Crown Coaster $0.78 + free shipping

White letters

White Wood Alphabet $0.98 + free shipping

Blackboard stickers

Chalk Board Stickers $0.88 + free shipping


Bottles $0.74 + free shipping

Rabbit Sticky Notes

Cheeky Rabbit Sticky Memo Pad $0.99 + free shipping


Popsicle Mold $1

Colonial candle

Colonial Candle in ‘Sea Spray’ 0.99

Ice Lolly

Rubber Shot-Glass Mold $0.99 + free shipping

Bottle Stop

Spirit Pourer & Bottle Stopper $0.78 + free shipping

Cake Cases

Love Heart Silicone Muffin Cases $0.99 + free shipping

Mickey Cutter

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter $0.99 + free shipping

Yankee candle

Yankee Candle in ‘Under the Palms’ $0.99

Photo prints

Custom Photo Prints start at $0.19 + free in-store pick-up

entertainment & toys


UV Glow Glasses $0.99 + free shipping

Phone Case

Ariel iPhone 6 Plus Case 0.93 + free shipping


Mini Plush Puppy $0.99 + free shipping


Dice Drinking Game $0.99 + free shipping


‘Sail’ by Awolnation $0.69


1 Night DVD Rental $0.50, 37k US pick-up locations

Deborah Logan

‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ rent HD digital for $0.99

Woman in White

‘The Woman in White’ by Wilkie Collins in Kindle eBook $0.99


Entry into New York Mega Millions Lottery $1, pick up ticket from 16k NYC locations


Big Mac

Slum it on the $1 menu at McDonald’s

Guest of a Guest

Go out for $1 drinks in NYC


Peanut M&Ms from Family Dollar $1


Eat out for <$1 in NYC using RealCheapEats and CBSLocal



Taste fresh food samples in NYC whilst browsing the foodhalls at Eataly


1x Free Magazine Issue from Cosmopolitan – return the bill marked ‘cancel’


Create a video with Magisto


Breakfast in bed with Doughnut French Toast using simple Nigella Lawson recipe – only needs eggs, milk, bread, butter, oil, sugar


Redbox Rental – code 2XFUN TotallyFreeStuff


Visit Staten Island, the ferry is free from Manhattan

Red Carpet

Create a video with Magisto

New York Times Square

Tour key locations in NYC from high-profile films using the maps at OntheSetofNewYork


Free 3 Step Hair Sample Pack from Aveda – pick up from a participating store


Create & share a playlist on Soundcloud


Complimentary Matchbook Collection – pick them up in NYC at Macao, TriBeCa Grand Hotel, The Odeon, Tiny’s, Edward’s, Milano’s, Botanica Bar (thanks to MatchBookTraveller)

2 thoughts on “62 gifts for under $1

  1. jimmydevious

    …you’re Lehman Brothers broke is EXHAUSTING, and it’s tempting to go into lock down.

    For some reason when I first read that, I thought it said “LOCH down.”

    Scotch on the brain? Got any Scotch by chance? Okay then, how about…. Scotch tape? 😉

    I really like those movie-themed keychains. They’re neato-libido! Fun Fact: I collect key chains. I have a pirate spyglass one, a Monopoly Piece one, a Jack-In-The-Box and a mini game of electronic Simon keychain, just to name a few.

    Anyway these ideas here are most rad. And I thank thee. As an idea of my own, I recommend the “$2 Vending Machine Root Beer Float” I made it for a lady friend back in college. It only requires that you have a vending machine with root beer in it, another that has little cups of vanilla ice cream (which we did, Texas!) and a “commandeered” 8-oz fountain cup from the Quad cafeteria.

    I whipped it up impromptu in front of her at a side table complete with flair-bartending flourishes.
    That’s the key really…style! After all, why just drink a diet croke after a hard days-worth of classes, when you can float?

    Ta-daaaaow! B)


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